Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lead By Example

Josh Hamilton Leads By Example

Last night, two of Major League Baseball’s top sluggers faced off when the American League Champion Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton squared off against Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels.  The League expected this to be a real slugfest, so they chose to cover the game first hand.

Albert Pujols may have hit three home runs in one game one of the last times these two sluggers met during the World Series.  However, last night, Pujols went 0-4.  Since becoming one of the highest paid hitters in all of baseball, Pujols is batting a dismal .192 average with only one home run, which he hit earlier this week.

In contrast, Josh Hamilton went 3-4 with two solo home runs boosting his average to .407.  Unlike Pujols, Hamilton has hit 17 home runs, with a record breaking 4 home runs in one game earlier this week.

How rare is a 4 home run game? Very!  In the past 15 years 61 players hit for the cycle, 32 pitchers threw no hitters, there were 31 four-strikeout innings, 7 perfect games, yet only 4 players have had a 4 home run outings!

What’s interesting, though, is regardless of how well Josh has been hitting, he did something far more impressive last night.  He picked up a squeegee and swept the water out the dugout after a two hour rain delay.  It’s not every day you see a multi-millionaire slugger sweeping the floor.  So I could not resist and had to ask Josh if he thought he was a tad overpaid to be sweeping the floors.  Josh smiled and simply said, “Heck no, besides I have to do this at home, too.” (That's me in the photo right after I asked him...)

The moral of the story is I doubt Pujols would be hitting better if he were humbly sweeping the floors.  However, we are never too much of a super star to do the little things, like sweep the floors, which may lead to great success.

In case you were wondering, the Rangers won 10-3.

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